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I Am Your King: The Series (Thailand Drama); ผมขอสั่งให้คุณ; Days before Country: Thailand; Type: Drama; Episodes: 5; Aired: Aug 27, View all (1) Of course I wouldn't say that it's the best show in the world, but I.
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Jon sees Arya! The two play a game of "check out my sweet sword" and Arya massively downplays how many people she's killed. It was the Winterfell equivalent of your bigger brother asking you how many beers you had at that underage party. Everyone sees Bran, but they all kind of pretend they have to go send that important raven so they don't have time to chat now, sorry. But there's no time for reunions now!

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The Lords of the North are dealing with the fact that Jon bent the knee and his heart, awww! What happened to the King of the North? Since when did pledging allegiance to the Starks mean a 2-for-1 deal with a Targaryen? Jon defends his decision in between making some pretty hectic "Get down low and Snow, Snow, Snow" eyes at Dany and the general mood is that everyone needs to band together to fight the dead.

Meanwhile, Sansa, who's been doing quite a good job of running logistics in Winterfell, thank you very much, feels a bit like a host who's just found out dinner is going to have an extra 10, guests. She definitely doesn't have enough leftovers for all these armies. Also, do dragons eat gluten-free? Cersei, who has seriously upped her epaulette game since season 7 armored shoulder pads are in is quite delighted to learn that the dead have broken through the Wall and are on their way to go full brain-buffet on Winterfell and Daenerys' armies.

This lady has a proven record of being pretty chill about the undead see: Zombie Mountain. Greyjoy presents Captain Strickland, the new leader of the Golden Company mercenary army. Imagine a poor man's Jaime Lannister -- he's kind of good looking, but in an "I just got here, who are you? He's probably going to be important later, hence the borderline hotness. But turns out the Golden Company doesn't quite match its Tinder profile pic when it comes to head count or battle elephants and Cersei is visibly disappointed.

But nothing that a little bedroom time with Euron won't fix. Just quietly, "I wanted those elephants" is just about the best post-coital line I've heard in a TV show. You know how else Cersei likes to ease her stress? By putting a bounty on her brothers' heads! We catch Ser Bronn in a brothel with naked ladies -- that's your cue to drink if you're playing a Game of Thrones drinking game. Qyburn the mad scientist gives him a sweet crossbow and intimates that Cersei loves a little dramatic irony. Kill Tyrion and Jaime with the same crossbow that killed her father?

Bronn, ever the sell-sword, accepts. Back on the Iron Island's battle boats we have learned that Yara Greyjoy is alive. What disappeared in Season 7 may never die! Younger brother Theon comes to rescue her hopefully making good for his poor actions last season. After a little sibling jostling oh, I only headbutt 'cause I care , the two are on good terms again. But Theon's heart is elsewhere and Yara, sensing this, gives him leave to go and fight with the Starks.

Back at Winterfell the armies are still gathering, so there's time for a well-earned magic carpet ride -- sorry, dragon joyride -- for Jon and Dany. Cue seconds of complete fan service that, let's not lie, we have all absolutely been waiting for. They fly to a waterfall the ghost of Ygritte quietly curses Jon's apparent penchant for cave sex and the dragons watch as they make out.

We cut away from Pervy Drogon to Gendry, who is busy smithing weapons out of dragonglass turns out he's a boss at that and, what's that, another reunion? It's the Hound coming face-to-face with Arya!

The quick catch-up from Season 7

It's a bit of a nothing reunion, to be honest, but maybe The Hound is right: Arya is a "cold little bitch" now and she isn't here to have some adorable moment with the man who killed her friend remember Mycah, the Butcher's Boy? Sweet mercy that was a long time ago -- I'll forgive you for forgetting. We get a bit more from Arya's reunion with Gendry with some more "oh hey, check out my sweet dagger" action. Arya played it very cool and I am definitely willing to consider shipping these two.

She also put in an order with Gendry for a custom piece of weaponry. We only get a quick glance but it looks like a piece of dragonglass that attaches to an existing hilt maybe her Valyrian steel dagger? Man, I hope this becomes Arya's Knifey-Spoony.

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere recap: Reunions, dragons and Bran is always watching

Meanwhile, Dany's back from Make-out Creek and runs into Sam! An adorable meet cute. Because this is bumbling Samwell Tarly, no one has told him his father and brother are dead. Whose job was that?! Jorah, maybe? Daenerys tells him they died by dragon fire because they wouldn't bend the knee. Sam runs outside to find the nearest toilet cubicle to cry in, but instead finds Bran creeping in the courtyard.

Sorry, it's not Bran. It's the Three-Eyed Raven. FFS, Bran, you make it hard to like you. Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu no Pistol technique on Alvida.

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Luffy and Koby sail away in a "borrowed" boat from Alvida's crew. Luffy asks about the pirate hunter Koby mentioned earlier. Koby says that he was captured by the Marines, and Luffy announces his intention of asking him to join his crew. The series begins with a barrel floating in the water. Aboard a passenger ship, two sailors spot the barrel floating in the sea.

The ship is hosting a formal dance for the rich passengers, and among them, a pretty young girl is invited to dance. The two sailors cast out a rope to reel the barrel in. When they pull it in, however, another sailor spots a pirate ship in the distance, a pink one - belonging to the pirate Alvida. The pirate ship, known as the Miss Love Duck , fires its cannons and the barrel is knocked out of the sailors' hands, sent rolling into the kitchen.

Panic ensues as the pirate ship attacks the cruise vessel, pulling up beside it and allowing the pirates to board, led by Alvida.

While pirates are attacking the ship, Koby, a young boy who is essentially a slave of Alvida's, sneaks into the kitchen and notices the barrel. As he is rolling it away, several pirates come in and ask why he's sneaking around.

The End of the F***ing World (TV Series – ) - IMDb

They then proclaim that they are thirsty and just as one of the pirates is about to smash open the barrel with his fist, it bursts open and out jumps Monkey D. Luffy, shocking everybody. The pirates try to attack him, but they are easily defeated and flee, and Koby is left intrigued by Luffy. Luffy and Koby head to the storage cellar of the ship and Luffy starts eating apples out of a crate.

While in the cellar, Luffy asks if they are on a pirate ship. Koby replies that they are not, but rather on a cruise ship being raided by pirates. Luffy then explains how his dinghy was destroyed in a whirlpool and how he barely survived by jumping into the barrel. Then, Koby explains how he ended up getting picked up by Alvida's pirates and how he has been their slave ever since.

Luffy then mentions his dream, how he wants to become the Pirate King, which causes Koby to lose it, realizing that Luffy is a pirate. While this conversation is being held, Alvida's pirates tell their captain that there is a barrel monster aboard the ship, and are all oblivious to the fact that Nami is robbing them blind. Alvida bursts through the ceiling of the cellar and sees Luffy, mentioning how he is not actually Roronoa Zoro.

Luffy then asks who the fat lady is, infuriating Alvida. Alvida attacks but Luffy picks up Koby and launches himself out of the cellar, and onto the deck.